Common Questions About Dental BridgeS

Common Questions About Dental Bridges

At Dentistry By Design PC, our dental team has taken the time to answer some common questions about dental bridges. We welcome you to call our dental team if your question has not been answered. Contact our South Huntington dentist, Dr. Joseph Ayoub, to schedule a consultation for a dental bridge.

Common Questions about Dental Bridges South Huntington NY | Dentistry By Design PC | Restorative Dentist Huntington areaWill My Smile Feel Any Different?

Your new bridge is customized to the exact specifications of your smile. Before cementing to the underlying teeth or affixing it to the supporting implants, the shade, occlusion, and all aspects of its fit get carefully checked. In addition to being designed to blend seamlessly with your smile, it’s also made to suit your bite and withstand all oral functions. We take great care to make sure your new restoration looks great, fits well, and that your bite feels comfortable.

Will Dental Insurance Cover The Cost Of A Bridge?

Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge is a worthwhile investment in your smile’s look, health, and function. While many dental insurances offer coverage for a dental bridge and some toward the cost of implants, the benefits and amounts can vary significantly from plan to plan. At the office of Dentistry By Design PC, we understand the financial considerations involved in care and do all we can to help patients begin treatment without any additional stress or delay. In addition to doing our best to optimize your dental benefits, we also offer several payment and financing options. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions on the cost of care, dental insurance, financing plans, or acceptable forms of payment.

How Do I Care For My Dental Bridge?

Now that your new permanent crown or bridge is in place, it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene. With proper care, your new restorations will last for years to come. Make sure to brush and floss as instructed. We’ll show you how to floss under your dental bridge to keep your new smile clean and bright. Remember to make appointments for your routine checkups and professional cleanings.

How Long Will A Dental Bridge Last?

The standard answer is that with routine dental visits and good home care, a bridge can last ten to fifteen years and, in many cases, much longer.

Why Choose Dentistry By Design, PC?

At the office of Dentistry By Design PC, we fabricate your bridge from the highest quality dental materials to achieve the most cosmetically pleasing and lifelike care results. It’s also customized to the exact specifications of your smile and designed for optimal aesthetics, strength, and stability. Once fabricated and cemented into place, you’ll feel confident sharing your smile, speaking, and eating your favorite foods.

As your trusted partner in care, we analyze every aspect of your smile to develop a treatment plan that provides aesthetically pleasing, healthy, and long-lasting care results.

Schedule A Consultation At Dentistry By Design PC

Call our dental team today at 631-823-1004 to learn more about common questions about dental bridges and schedule a consultation with Dr. Joseph Ayoub to be evaluated for dental bridges. With over 30 years of experience, our office has treated patients with missing teeth with dental bridges from South Huntington, Huntington, Melville, Dix Hills, Woodbury, and throughout Long Island NY.

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