Common Root Canal Questions

Common Root Canal Questions

Root Canal Treatment South Huntington NY | Toothache Relief Huntington NYWhy Have Root Canal Treatment?

Having a root canal performed is the best way to save a tooth damaged or dying from decay or injury and preserve your beautiful, natural smile. The other option or alternative to root canal treatment is a tooth extraction and procedure to replace the tooth. But sometimes, a tooth is non-restorable, and an extraction is the only option; it’s best to try and save your natural tooth when possible. With adequate care, a tooth with root canal therapy can serve your smile well for many years.

Is The Root Canal Procedure Painful?

Getting root canal treatment today is as routine, safe, and comfortable as visiting the dentist for a filling. While Dr. Ayoub performs the treatment under local anesthesia with your teeth completely numb, we can also discuss options for dental sedation.

Do I Need To Get A Root Canal If I’m Not In Pain?

Whether your symptoms of a dental infection subside after a course of antibiotics or if draining an abscess provides temporary relief, it’s essential to have a root canal procedure performed before the condition worsens. This way, the problem tooth can be adequately disinfected, filled, and sealed to protect your overall health and avoid further issues.

Common Root Canal Questions South Huntington, Long Island, NY | Toothache Huntington NYHow Long Does A Root Canal Procedure Take?

While Dr. Ayoub can complete some root canal procedures in one visit, others may need 2 or 3 office appointments. How long it takes depends on several factors. These factors include active infection, the number of canals in the target tooth, and the tooth’s location in your mouth or anatomy.

What Is The Success Rate Of A Root Canal?

With a staggering success rate that exceeds 95%, root canal treatment remains the most effective dental procedure to save a tooth when the inner vital tissues have been damaged or died. However, as with all dental procedures, there is a small percentage of root canal cases where the teeth become symptomatic for a second time. The great news is that our Dentistry By Design, PC dental team can still save the tooth with a root canal retreatment or a minor surgical procedure, known as an apicoectomy.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost, And Will My Dental Insurance Cover It?

Saving a tooth with root canal treatment is an intelligent investment that, in the long run, costs less and is less invasive than having the tooth extracted. The exact cost of dental care may vary depending on which tooth or teeth Dr. Ayoub treats. Many dental insurance providers have coverage for root canal treatment. At the office of Dentistry By Design, we do our best to optimize your dental insurance benefits and minimize out-of-pocket expenses. Our South Huntington staff answers all your questions about the cost of care and discusses all your payment options.

Why Choose The Office Of Dentistry By Design?

At the office of Dentistry By Design, PC we use the latest technology and the most practical and effective methods of dental care to provide precise, safe, and gentle care. We base our reputation for excellence on a consistent record of successful treatment outcomes while providing efficient, stress-free, and convenient treatment for every type of dental need.

Schedule A Root Canal Consultation Today!

Contact our dentist at 631-823-1004 if you have a toothache or tooth pain to be evaluated for a root canal. Our Dentistry By Design, PC team evaluates and treats root canals for patients from South Huntington, Huntington, and Melville, NY as well as many surrounding areas.

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