Sprintray 3D Technology

SprintRay® 3D Printer Technology

SprintRay 3D Pro PrinterThanks to advances in dental technology, in-office dental 3D printing improves the efficiency and expands our ability to meet your dental needs and time constraints. The SprintRay 3D printer gives Dr. Joseph Ayoub full control of the design for a more accurate, durable, and consistent final product that leaves you feeling more confident in your smile. At Dentistry By Design in South Huntington, we create the following dental products with our advanced technology, the SprintRay 3D printer.

Clear Aligners

With our in-house 3D printing capability, Dr. Joseph Ayoub creates custom clear aligners to fit your teeth. This advanced technology provides patients a comfortable and discreet solution to straighter teeth. With the SprintRay 3D printing technology, we can quickly manufacture and adjust clear aligners to fit a patients smile. The accuracy of 3D printing technology ensures the best possible outcome for your smile and an improved overall dental experience.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Our 3D printed dental bridges and crowns, provide a seamless, aesthetic solution for many South Huntington patients. Unlike traditional dental crown and bridge materials, the SprintRay 3D printer material is more durable and precise. With our in-office 3D printer, Dr. Joseph Ayoub can reduce the wait time between treatment with a temporary dental crown or bridge to a permanent solution. This results in a smoother, more efficient treatment process with a higher level of care.


To maintain your smile and teeth from grinding and clenching, SprintRay 3D printing provide a comfortable same day nightguard fit. The nightguard flex resin is designed to be both flexure and resistance to wear, giving patients a same day comfortable solution to protect their smile.

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Contact our dental team at Dentistry By Design, PC in South Huntington at 631-823-1004 to enhance your smile with faster, more accurate treatment. Our cosmetic dentist, provides patients care using the most advanced technology, the SprintRay 3D Printer from South Huntington, Huntington, and Melville, NY as well as from many surrounding areas of Long Island.

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