Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI)

Developmental Disabilities Institute ~ DDI

Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI) | South Huntington Dentist | Dentistry By Design, PCDevelopmental Disabilities Institute Children’s Residential Program (CRP) is located in Smithtown and Huntington, NY. The Children’s Residential Program-Center of Excellence (CRP-COE) provides individualized education and support to children with developmental disabilities between the ages of 5-21 whose needs exceed what can be addressed by traditional special education services. Our nurturing home-like residences serve between 6-11 children, depending on the campus location. Each residence is fully furnished and has a living room; dining room, and either single or double bedrooms. The bedrooms are decorated and tailored to the individual’s likes and preferences of the child and his or her caregiver.

Together, an interdisciplinary team of professional staff and the child’s caregiver(s) closely monitor growth and development with the objective of teaching the child to live a happy, independent life to the best of his or her natural ability.

Dr. Joseph Ayoub chose DDl’s school because of their wonderful reputation of being one of the top 5 of school of excellence in the state of New York, as well as a wonderful residency to meet each individual’s needs, and to help them reach their full potential. It is also less than 10 minutes from our home, which is a huge convenience for our family, and especially for our son since many children do live in residencies that are far away from their home.

By giving a generous donation, we hope to help improve the homes to do what is necessary to keep them up to date with what the children need as far as living standards, and to help pay for more day trips and extra-curricular activities for our son as well as all the children residing in the homes.

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